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ADM-001 Public Complaints Handling Policy 2018 – Schedule (1)

ADM – 002 Sale of Land Policy 2018

ADM-003 Municipal Alcohol Policy

ADM-004 Provision of Notice

ADM-005 Fit For Duty Policy

ADM-006 Mobile Device Use Policy

BUI-001 CBO Code of Conduct

COU-002 Pregnancy and Parental Leave for Council

COU-001 Procedural Policy 

COU-004 Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards

COU-005 Accountability and Transparency Policy

COU-006 Council-Staff Relations

COU-007 Conference Expense Policy

ENV-001 Wastewater Policy

FIN-001 Procurement Policy

FIN-003 Capital Asset Policy

FIN-002 Strategic Asset Management Policy


Centre Hastings Asset Management Plan

Energy Management Plan 

Municipal Roads Plan 

Community Improvement Program Plan 2018

CIP (Community Improvement Plan) Survey

CIP – Application Form June 2018

Financial Statements

2019 Financial Statements

2018 Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statements

2016 Financial Statements

2015 Financial Statements


2018 Madoc Lagoon Report

2018 Drinking Water Annual Report

2017  Madoc Annual Drinking Water Report

Madoc Wastewater Lagoon Annual Report 2017

Madoc Drinking Water System – Annual Report 2016

Municipality of Centre Hastings OReg 453-07 Water Financial Plan 2016


Budget Highlights 2020

Budget Highlights 2019

Budget Highlights 2018

Budget Highlights 2017

Budget Highlights 2016

Budget Highlights 2015

News & Notices

Leaf and yard waste Collection

September 30th, 2020

View more about Leaf and yard waste Collection

Public Meeting - Development Charges

October 7th, 2020

View more about Public Meeting - Development Charges

Park Closed for the Season

October 14th, 2020

View more about Park Closed for the Season

Remembrance Day - Ivanhoe

October 21st, 2020

View more about Remembrance Day - Ivanhoe