Vandalism Stops Play

 Vandalism Stops Play

It is with sadness that we must inform you that despite repairs being on schedule we will not be able to reopen the large play structure tomorrow.

This weekend, the fencing was pulled down and someone/a group of individuals smashed out a panel on a high level of the structure. This damage results in a large, very dangerous and significant drop and means the structure will not be safe to open. Staff are working hard today to source repair parts as quickly as we can, but items must be ordered, shipped and installed.

We ask everyone to be vigilant, if you see someone using the structure when closed, damaging anything, or saw the incident at the weekend to reach out to us. Vandalism is not only costly to repair, but it is time consuming and results in the affected structure being out of service for the whole community. Please help us and share anything you have seen so we can report it to the OPP. Our park is very important to us, it provides a wonderful space for our community and we are deeply saddened and disappointed to not be able to reopen on schedule.

We sincerely thank you all for your ongoing patience, understanding and cooperation.

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