Entrances and 911 Permits

Please see below for information regarding Entrance Permits and 911 Numbers:

A new entrance permit is required if you are creating a new entrance or changing an existing one.

Complete the entrance permit application and submit to the Municipal office. 

You will need to pay a fee of $200 as per our Fee By-law. For a new entrance, you will also need to pay a fee for the 911 sign.

If access to your property is from Provincial Highway 7 or 62 you must obtain your Entrance Permit from the Ministry of Transportation (Toll Free: 1‐866‐224‐0622).


An entrance permit is required for all new entrances or alterations to existing entrances that provide access to municipal roads.

All other entrances that enter from private lanes should be made accessible for emergency vehicles.

Please complete your 911 number application and submit to the Municipal office.  

911 Sign (New Home)                                            $125.00

911 Sign (Replacement Blade)                             $50.00

911 Sign (Post and Hardware installed)             $125.00



Kevin Hart

Director of Public Works

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