The Municipality of Centre Hastings has modernized their building permit process by implementing the Cloudpermit e-permitting system.  Cloudpermit is an end-to-end e-permitting solution that benefits all stakeholders and allows Staff and customers to complete the entire permit process online. 

Set-up is fast and easy. Kindly set up an account below and submit and track the progress of your Cloudpermit application. 

The following two points will help you save time and frustration.

  • Before you go to Cloudpermit to set up an account, make sure that you read all of the information on this page. It will make your permit process much smoother and faster. 

  • If you have not already done so, please go back to the Building and Renovating  page. Read it, the Building Permits page, and any other page that may apply to your specific type of project. You can navigate to all building related pages by using the menu on the right side of each page. 

Cloudpermit Tutorial

This video shows you steps on how to submit your application. We would recommend that the first time you use Cloudpermit, you watch the introductory video. 

The length of the video is 6'45". 


Need Help?

Since Cloupermit is based on the paper applications, with requirements from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), it follows the same path.

If you are already familiar with applying for a Building Permit, you will recognize what Cloudpermit is asking for.

If you are not familiar with the Building Permit process, you may have some difficulty knowing what Cloudpermit is asking for.

Quick Start Guide

The following is a brief guide we have made that will walk you through the process.

Just follow these steps: 

You will be taken through a number of steps throughout the course of filling out the application.

You must complete only Sections 1 – 3 in order to submit. The other sections are completed by the Municipality.

Important: Everything with a red asterisk or a red bar must be filled out or completed or you can’t submit the application. Only when you see three green checkmarks in the "Required Tasks" section can you submit.

If there is something missing or incorrect, there will be a message to the right of the required tasks telling you what the problem is. 

You will be required to set up the permit with the property information, property owner, type of project, project cost and area involved. 

Please see the online instructions for how to do this. 

Section One: “Parties To The Application”.

When you are setting up parties to the application, you must have a property owner, an applicant, a designer and in most cases a builder. The same party can fill any number of roles. Just keep adding roles as required by reopening the drop down list within that party, and choosing the applicable roles. You do not need to make a new party box for the same person for each role that same party plays. 

Note: The reason that you must make the Builder a party, is that this will enable them to submit inspection requests in a timely manner. Although the owner legally bears this responsibility, the builder is usually in a better position to do this with the owner's permission.

For the sake of simplicity, we will only require a Builder as a party although this could also be used to describe the owner, site supervisor, general contractor, or any sub contractor. As long as any, or all who will be required to request inspections are made Parties.

You have two choices for other parties:

(a) Fill in their email address and send them an invitation. When they accept, they will fill out their information and set up their account. Since they only have 24 hours to accept the invitation, it would be good to call them and ask them to accept the invitation. If they have not accepted in time, you will have to re-send the invitation by clicking the re-send icon in their party box. If they do not accept, they will not be able to communicate or see anything within the permit.

(b) Check the box and fill out their information manually. Make sure you also check the boxes allowing the amount of participation they can have in the process. 

At any time before submission, you can edit the party information by clicking on the pencil icon in the party box.

Section Two: Application Data

There are two forms that must be completed.

The PERMIT APPLICATION FORM must be filled out with the property description, cost of construction, area of work and a description of the work. If you have completed the initial Setup of your permit properly, some of this information will be automatically generated. 

The DESIGNER FORM must be filled out with information about the Designer.  There are three ways to do this:

(A)  An Accredited Designer will supply a Schedule 1 form. You can fill out the Cloudpermit form using this information or, you may choose to have the designer fill out this information for you if you have given them the ability to modify the application.

You do this in two ways.

     (a) when you make them a party, just invite them by email.

     (b) if you fill out their Party information, check the box “Modify Application”.

It is necessary to include the designer. If changes are required, they will be able to see the messages and can change the plans.

(B)  The Property Owner can fill out the form for plans that they have drawn and are taking responsibility for. Since you have made yourself the Designer in the Party section, then your name and address will appear on the form. You fill in the rest of the information as follows:

1. Click on the HOUSE checkbox. (You are not qualified, but the form requires something to be checked)

2. Describe your work. For example – “Plans for a Deck”

3. Under Designer Qualification, choose “Exemption From Registration…”

4. “Reason for Exemption” will appear. Type in “Home Owner”

5. Click the “SIGN OFF” button.

(C) If an Architect or Professional Engineer has made the drawings, their information will appear in the form, since you have already made them a party as a Designer. Use the same method as for an Owner (in above) but in the Reason for Exemption box, type either “Architect” or “Professional Engineer”.

Section Three: Attachments.

Here you will attach all other required documents. Please note that any picture taken with an Apple device uses a proprietary HEIC file that cannot be downloaded. You will need to save this as a .pdf on your device first. 

You will see a list of required documents, followed by a box surrounded by dotted lines. Follow the instructions in the box. You must attach all required documents and any other documents you may have.  When you name the document, you must choose the name from a drop-down list. You can also give a description in another box to the right of the drop-down box. For example: Name > “Architectural Drawing”.  Description > A1 -Basement (found on the plan in the legend – usually bottom right corner)

If you have a full set of drawings, please download the set instead of downloading individual pages. 

  • Once you have completed the “Parties”, “Application” and "Attachments" sections and they are now green, you will need to sign off the application. At the top right of your application under the address section, click on Sign Off and you will be taken to another page. On this page you will be asked two questions about Tarion registration. This is for new houses only. If you are not building a new house, or, you are taking responsibility for the building of a new house as an owner, answer “No”. Otherwise answer "Yes", and put in the Tarion registration number of the builder.

  • The next section will ask you more questions. If you have completed everything asked of you up to this point, you will be able to answer “Yes” to all questions except the questions whether you have paid the permit fees in full. We need your information first in order to generate the payment fees. We will not release the permit without payment. After answering the required questions, click on Sign Off.

  • Don’t forget that after you sign off, you must submit the application by clicking on the Submit button that will appear after you complete the sign off section.

  • You will be able to see any changes made to your application in real time by simply logging in to your account. We will communicate with you using the messaging feature found at the top right of the dark blue band of your screen Whenever you see a red bubble, please check your message by clicking on “Messages”. You will also receive email notification as well. Please use messaging for all your electronic communications. This will speed up response time and keep it with your permit for future reference.

  • Please make sure that if you make any changes to your permit or add another attachment, you message that you have done so. We can have 25 permits or more that we are reviewing at any time and hundreds that are in the working stage. Unless you message us, we do not know that a change has been made without opening every permit to check. 

  • When you submit the application, we will receive it automatically and start processing as soon as time allows. You will know when we are working on it. 

  • For residential applications, we have 10 working days to process the application provided we have all the required information and it is correct. you will receive a message if there is something more that is needed.

  • We will review compliance with the Zoning By-law, other Applicable Law and the Ontario Building Code.

  • We will be completing the Fee Payment section and when completed, you will be able to see what the fees will be. The payment instructions are found in the top part of the Fees section, and an invoice will be found in the Attachments section.

  • Once payment is made and everything is reviewed and deemed in compliance, we will issue the permit.


At any point, you can return to the "My dashboard" page to see which applications you have made and if we are waiting on any information from you to process your application further.

You can delete your application at any time by using the "Select action" drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Need More Help?

If you need more help, there are many articles to help you understand each step of the process in the support section of Cloudpermit, or use the help (?) button in the middle of the task bar at the top of your Cloudpermit screen.

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