Why Centre Hastings

Why Centre Hastings?

Located at the heart of Hastings County, Centre Hastings boasts an idyllic rural lifestyle while still being located within 30 minutes of the 401 Trans-Canada Highway. With picturesque trails, quaint stores and excellent amenities it is no wonder there is such a great sense of pride in this community. Located half way between Toronto and Ottawa, Centre Hastings is the perfect location to live, visit and invest.


Boasting some of the lowest residential property prices in Ontario, Centre Hastings is a great place to call home. Whether you are looking for village life, a waterfront retreat or a cottage getaway Centre Hastings has it all. Our urban centre, the Village of Madoc,  offers a range of retail stores and services to cater to your day to day needs without you needing to leave the area. The rural part of our municipality offers natural vistas and a peaceful pace of life with easy access to urban centres.


With four distinct seasons there is never a bad time to visit Centre Hastings. Our community offers a multitude of events for all ages and interests, and our rural landscape offers hiking, ATVing and everything in between. The Village of Madoc is home to our famous skate park with something for the whole family to enjoy.  Canada Day brings the community together under a wonderous firework display and the Madoc Fall Fair showcases our agricultural heritage and celebrates our farming community, our events are not to be missed!


Centre Hastings offers an ideal location for you and your business, with affordable real estate, space and low development taxes. Whether you are looking to build a residential development, buy a property, start a commercial or industrial enterprise, or relocate your business, Centre Hastings is the perfect location to invest. For information or support please contact us on 613-473-4030, or stop in for a visit.

Top reasons for doing business in Centre Hastings

Are you looking for a vibrant place to do business that is just a couple of hours from Toronto and Ottawa, while living in a community that values its serene environment and rural lifestyle? Then Centre Hastings is the place for YOU!

  1. Centre Hastings is an affordable place to live and work, with the average residential property price coming in at approximately $180,000 and waterfront properties at $193,000[1].
  2. With Highways 62 and 7 running through our municipality we have excellent transport links to major cities and neighbouring towns and villages.
  3. Downtown Madoc is home to a whole host of services and amenities, including our state of the art Tri Area Medical Centre, excellent elementary and secondary schools, and a variety of retail stores.
  4. Centre Hastings has beautiful parks, picturesque trails and pristine waterways. Our Skate Park hosts up to 30,000 visitors a year!
  5. Our Economic Development department can assist business owners and residents with applying for grants, locating valuable business resources, getting to know the community, and more!
  6. The Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce represents the business community and provides representation for the issues affecting the business and social climate of our community.
  7. We have business, and development opportunities available right now, we are ready to welcome you to our progressive and idyllic community situated at the heart of Hastings County.

Our community takes pride in all of our local businesses and are always ready to welcome new ideas and people.  We have energy and vision and we’re open for business, so let us help you find what you are looking for in a community that’s on the move.

The Municipality of Centre Hastings works closely with Hastings County. Visit  www.investinhastings.ca for information on investment strategies and more.

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