Business Support and Startup Services

Centre Hastings is home to many locally owned businesses and we want to continue encouraging business owners and entrepreneurs in the community by providing helpful resources. 

Find more information on starting a business and tools to start building or expanding a current business here.

More information on economic and tourism development as well as available strategies and action plans to guide these development efforts can be found here.

Madoc and District Chamber of Commerce:

The Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce is a not for profit volunteer based organization working for our members. Each member has a unique business application and we strive to represent and support them. We work with big and small businesses, local government and community groups to initiate programs and coordinate efforts to improve the economic well-being of the whole community. For more information visit:

The Madoc & District Chamber of Commerce represents the business community and provides representation for the issues effecting the business and social climate of our community.

The Chamber works closely with your Municipal Council, and Economic Development. The Chamber of Commerce carries event insurance for local community events that fall under its umbrella. This insurance coverage has enabled various groups to proceed with activities that they would otherwise not be able to economically do.

The Board is active in our community as both business owners and volunteers.

President – Shari Pearce

Past President – Jennifer Reid

Treasurer – Cathie Massy


Karen Coulter

George Logan

Hannah Cowall

Michelle Randolph

Ryan Jarrell

Daniella Hesler

Municipal Rep – Jim Bonter

Office Administrator –Lixy Rolston

Individual/Small Business Owner:


•  Group Insurance plans
•  Preferred Merchant discount program through First Data
•  ESSO Direct Savings (3.5 cents / litre)

•  UPS discounts
•  Home and Auto Insurance Plan
•  OfficeMax / Grand & Toy discount program


•  Unlimited email blasting and Social Media Advertising (Facebook & Twitter)
•  Brochure and Business card display in Chamber office for Members only
•  Refer-A-Member first program
•  Access to a community of peers to exchange ideas and support


15 Durham St.  Unit 4

Box 669


Madoc Business Improvement Team:

The Madoc Business Improvement Team is a volunteer community organization, working together with local businesses, residents and council to revitalize downtown Madoc and foster community pride. For more information visit:

Brock Kerby

Community Development Officer

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