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2022 Official Certified List of Candidates

Municipal Elections Act, 1996 [Section 33 (5) to 37]

NOTICE is hereby given to the Municipal Electors that during the period commencing May 2, 2022 and completed on Nomination Day, August 19, 2022, the following persons filed all necessary papers, endorsement of nominations, declarations and fees and as Clerk, I am satisfied that such persons are qualified and that their Nomination satisfies the requirements of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. I have, therefore, certified such candidates for the office which follows their respective name:

Jim Bonter Councillor 220 St. Lawrence St E Madoc, ON
Judy Brant Councillor 245 Crookston Rd, Madoc, ON
Donalda Campbell Councillor 5 Quail Ridge Lane Madoc, ON
Mike Kerby Councillor 1545 Hollowview Rd Madoc, ON
Christina Lefebvre Councillor 3 Quail Ridge Lane Madoc, ON
Kevin McLaughlin Councillor 190 Shoreline Lane Madoc, ON
Tracy Richards Councillor 132 St Lawrence St W Madoc, ON

Certified by Municipal Clerk August 22nd 2022

The following Council positions have been acclaimed

Tom Deline Mayor 72 Francis St. Madoc, ON
Eric Sandford Deputy Mayor 113 McKenzie St Madoc, ON


Follow this guide to ensure:

  1. You are eligible to run in the municipal election,
  2. You understand the role of council and the available training,
  3. You understand the important dates,
  4. You understand the rules of campaigning,
  5. You are familiar with internet and telephone voting,
  6. You know where and how to vote!

*For information on the School Board Trustee election visit

You are eligible to be a candidate if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a resident of the municipality or a non-resident owner or tenant of land in the municipality or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant;
  • You are a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years old;
  • You are not legally prohibited from voting; and not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office.
  • You will need 25 signatures on your nomination form and must pay a fee of $100 ($200 for mayor).

When you think about candidates for federal or provincial elections, you usually think about the political party that each candidate represents. In municipal elections in Ontario, candidates are not elected to represent a political party.

The role of council is outlined in the Municipal Act section 224:

224. It is the role of council,

a) to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of the municipality;

b) to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of the municipality;

c) to determine which services the municipality provides;

d) to ensure that administrative policies, practices and procedures and controllership policies, practices and procedures are in place to implement the decisions of council;

d.1) to ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality, including the activities of the senior management of the municipality;

e) to maintain the financial integrity of the municipality; and

f) to carry out the duties of council under this or any other Act.

The role of head of council/chief executive officer (mayor/reeve) is outlined in the Municipal Act section 225 and 226.1:

225. It is the role of the head of council,

a) to act as chief executive officer of the municipality;

b) to preside over council meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently and effectively;

c) to provide leadership to the council;

c.1) without limiting clause (c), to provide information and recommendations to the council with respect to the role of council described in clauses 224 (d) and (d.1);

d) to represent the municipality at official functions; and

e) to carry out the duties of the head of council under this or any other Act.

226.1 As chief executive officer of a municipality, the head of council shall,

a) uphold and promote the purposes of the municipality;

b) promote public involvement in the municipality’s activities;

c) act as the representative of the municipality both within and outside the municipality, and promote the municipality locally, nationally and internationally; and

d) participate in and foster activities that enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality and its residents.

The role of staff is outlined in the Municipal Act section 227:

227. It is the role of the officers and employees of the municipality:

a) to implement council’s decisions and establish administrative practices and procedures to carry out council’s decisions;

b) to undertake research and provide advice to council on the policies and programs of the municipality; and

c) to carry out other duties required under this or any Act and other duties assigned by the municipality.

Important Resources – Please read:

The 2022 election will be held on October 24, 2022, during which time the positions of councillor (3), deputy mayor (1) and mayor (1) will be elected to serve for a four year period ending November, 2026.

Nomination and registration period:

Begins: Monday, May 2, 2022

Closes: Friday, August 19, 2022

Nomination packages may be picked up at the Municipal Office. You must bring identification at the time of pick-up.

Read your nomination package thoroughly and note that you must submit the signatures of 25 eligible electors in your municipality who support your nomination. Those endorsing your nomination must sign a declaration stating they are eligible voters as of that date. **This does not apply to those running for school board trustee.

Once the signatures are obtained, candidates are not required to provide them again, even if that candidate decides to run for a different position within the same municipality.

Interested individuals wishing to register as candidates must ensure their nomination papers are filed within this time frame. Campaigning cannot begin until candidates have registered their nomination.

Nomination fees:

  • $100 for councillors, deputy mayor, and school board trustee candidates
  • $200 for mayor
Voting Period is October 11 to 24, 2022

Voting Day is Monday, October 24, 2022


Campaign Contributors

  • The maximum campaign contribution to any one candidate is $1,200.
  • The maximum campaign contribution to all candidates is $5,000.

Candidate Access

  • Candidates are allowed access to apartment buildings, condominiums, non-profit housing co-ops or gated communities between the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. to campaign. Landlords may not prohibit tenants from displaying campaign signs in their windows.


  • Candidates and third party advertisers are required to identify themselves on all advertisements and signs.
  • Signage may not be placed on municipal property or along provincial highways.


  • Candidates must open a separate campaign account if they are receiving donations or campaign dollars from outside sources. If the candidate is not accepting money and is paying for his or her campaign by his or herself, a campaign account is not required but receipts and records of expenses are.
  • Businesses may not contribute to candidates, however business owners may contribute under their own name.
  • Campaign expenses for mayoral candidates may not exceed $7,500 plus .85 cents per eligible voter. For council candidates, this drops to $5,000 plus .85 cents per eligible voter.

Municipal Resources

  • Candidates may not use any municipal space for meetings or campaign work and furthermore may not post-election campaign advertising at municipally owned or leased facilities.
  • The use of municipal electronic devices or supplies or staff time/assistance by candidates or third-party advertisers for campaign purposes is not permitted.
  • Candidates and third-party advertisers are requested to not ask questions directly of municipal staff regarding the operations of the municipality for campaign purposes.
  • All questions should be posed in writing directly to the Clerk via email at
  • No candidate or third-party advertiser shall compel staff to engage in partisan political activities or subject staff to threats or discrimination for refusing to engage in such activities.

Make sure you are familiar with internet and telephone voting.

Internet/Telephone Voting Instructional Videos

The Municipality of Centre Hastings is running a telephone and internet voting election. This gives voters a few options when deciding where to vote:

  1. Vote from home using your landline, smart phone, or computer.
  2. Vote at the Voter Help Centre at the Municipal Office
  3. Vote at the Voting Centre on Voting Day in Council Chambers at the Municipal Office
Vote from Home

See the instructions for voting from home by following the link in Step 5.

  • October 11 to October 24
Voter Help Centre

7 Furnace St. Madoc, Ontario (Municipal Office)

If you feel uncertain about voting by telephone or internet on your own, the Municipal Office is providing a Voter Help Centre for two weeks leading up to Election Day.

Voter Help Centre Municipal Office, 7 Furnace St, Madoc

October 11-14 8:30AM to 4:00PM

October 17-21 8:30AM to 4:00PM
(October 18 and 20 8:30AM to 6:00PM)

October 22 10:00AM to 3:00PM

October 24 8:30AM to 8:00PM

Voter Help Centre
Huntingdon Veterans Community Hall,11379 Highway 62, Ivanhoe
October 15 10:00AM to 3:00pm

Voting Centre

7 Furnace St. Madoc, Ontario (Municipal Office)

Council Chambers will be set up on Election Day as an official voting center, with staff available to provide help if requested, using the internet voting system.

  • October 24 ELECTION DAY 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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