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Paperless Billing - Municipality of Centre Hastings

Paperless eBilling

Electronic Paperless eBilling

Go Paperless!

Sign up and you will receive a PDF version of your utility (water and sewer) bill delivered directly to your email account. The eBill will look exactly the same as your current paper bill.

How does eBilling work?

Once your eBilling service has been activated, your future bills will be electronically delivered to the email address you provided.  Residents may sign up more than one utility account for eBilling.

Please note:

  • It is your responsibility to update the email address that we have on file if it changes. Changes must be in writing and can be sent to our Utility Clerk.
  • Residents using the eBilling service are subject to standard late fees if applicable.

What if I change my mind and want to revert back to paper billing?

If you decide to withdraw from eBilling, simply have your name, property address, utility account number ready and Contact Us.

Interested in going paperless? Simply fill out the required form below.

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