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Tax Rates - Municipality of Centre Hastings

Tax Rates


Property taxes are a major source of revenue for the Municipality of Centre Hastings. Council sets a budget each year to determine the new tax rate. Taxes are used to pay for services including education, transportation, emergency services, garbage collection, parks and recreation etc. To determine how much your taxes will be you take the assessment of your property and multiply it by the new tax rate each year. MPAC (Municipal Property Assessment Corporation) determines your assessment each year.

Below are the tax rates for this year and previous years. 

2024 Tax Rate By-Law

2023 Tax Rate By-Law

2022 Tax Rate By-Law

2021 Tax Rate By-Law

2020 Tax Rate By-Law

2019 Tax Rate By-Law

2018 Tax Rate By-Law

2017 Tax Rate By-Law

2016 Tax Rate By-Law

2016 Tax Rates

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