Garbage Bag Tags

Garbage Bag Tags

Council adopted a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Bag Tag Program to begin effective July 1, 2023 across the entire Municipality. 

Implementation of a Bag Tag Program was identified in our 2020 Strategic Planning process. Details on the Pay As You Throw Program can be found below, along with a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Each and every bag of garbage put for collection purposes requires a garbage bag tag, as per by-law. Each Bag Tag costs $3.50. Affix one tag to each clear garbage bag set to the curbside or roadside for your weekly collection. The tag needs to be wrapped around the top of the bag and stuck back to itself. Both ends of the tag and serial number must be visible. The two clear-bag limit continues to apply.

If you have excess waste beyond the two clear-bag limit, the Landfill Site & Recycling Depot is located on 106968 Highway 7.

Tips and Reminders

- Each week, you can put up to two clear bags of garbage out for collection (maximum bag size is 60 litres, or 15 gallons). Contractor sized bags are not accepted. Residents are encouraged to hold small kitchen sized bags until a larger bag can be used for collection purposes, thereby reducing the number of bag tags needed.

- Each bag of garbage must weigh less than 40 pounds (18 kg)

- Bags in a garbage can must be tagged on the bag, do not place tags on the garbage can

- Garbage bags or cans placed on snowbanks will not be collected

- Bag tags must be visible for collection. Please stick tags end-to-end around the neck of each bag, like a clothespin

- Clear bags are still required to be used. Blue "clear bags" are not accepted.

Where to purchase Bag Tags

You can purchase bag tags at various locations throughout the Municipality and in other convenient locations, as well as Online. See below for details. Bag Tags will begin to be available for purchase in May 2023.

  1. Ivanhoe Cheese (Gay Lea Foods), 11301 Highway 62, Madoc
  2. The Thomasburg Store, 4822 Highway 37, Thomasburg
  3. Madoc Foodland, 40 Elgin St, Madoc
  4. Madoc Ultramar, 114 Bonjour Blvd, Madoc
  5. Madoc Home Hardware, 57 Elgin St, Madoc
  6. Madoc Esso/Circle K, 231 Durham St S, Madoc
  7. Marmora Valu-mart (Potter's), 42 Matthew Street, Marmora
  8. Foxboro Foodland, 54 Frankford Rd, Foxboro
  9. Tweed Convenience, 39 Victoria Street N, Tweed
  10. Pro One Stop, 208 North Street, Stirling
  11. Centre Hastings Landfill & Recycling Depot, 106968 Highway 7, Madoc
  12. Centre Hastings Municipal Office, 7 Furnace Street, Madoc

For added convenience, garbage bag tags can be purchased online. Tags are sold in sheets of 5.  Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard. Bag tags purchased online will be delivered by mail within 5-10 business days to the address you provide.

Click here to access the online order form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our garbage waste collection and the bag tag system? Check out these answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Effective July 1, 2023, one bag tag will cost $3.50.

Resellers are not permitted to charge a handling fee for selling bag tags. See the ‘Where to purchase’ section above for a list of resellers in your area.

Bag Tags and the Pay As You Throw program are premised on the 'user pay' model. That is, the users of the garbage collection service are the ones who bear the cost of the service. Prior to July 1, 2023 the cost of garbage collection is included in property tax bills, meaning the cost may be the same regardless of how much garbage is produced in your household. The user pay model is very common to shift the cost of garbage collection to the residents that use it.

Bag Tags have been proven to make users rethink waste habits and utilize best practices to minimize the amount of waste being generated. Residents are encouraged to recycle properly, and compost where possible. The result is a reduced environmental impact and reduction of waste being picked up, and a reduction in intake at our municipal landfill site.

A full report on the analysis and recommendation to Council to adopt the bag tag program can be found here.

Please report any illegal dumped garbage in one of two ways:

- Call 613-473-4030

- Complete a Report a Concern submission on our Request for Service page, selection "Environmental Services (Garbage)"

The bag tag should be looped around the neck of the bag so that it meets at the end, producing a little “flag.” The bag tag number should be clearly visible. Do not wrap the tag around the top of the bag numerous times or place it as a long strip down the side of the bag; during the winter, the tags can easily fall off due to the cold temperatures.

Review the "Tips and Reminders" section above. Collectors picking up garbage may leave a rejection sticker on your bag(s) with a note about why your waste was not collected. Please review the sticker and place your bag back out for collection on your next scheduled pickup day. If you cannot wait until the next scheduled pickup day, the Landfill Site & Recycling Depot located at 106968 Highway 7 for your convenience.

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